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  • 21 AIR

    A New Era in Air Cargo

    A United States Certificated FAR 121 All Cargo Carrier, becoming the first U.S.
    airline of its type with full SMS compliance under newest regulations.


    services and Worldwide Charters

    21 AIR is prepared to provide both ACMI/CMI services tailored to meet your needs
    for either a startup or an existing operation.


    in Air Cargo Solutions

    21 AIR operates under the highest standards in safety, in full compliance with
    FAR 121 Regulations and 21 AIR’s TSA Cargo Security Program.

24/7 MIA Operations Control Center

We count with a 24/7 Operations Center at Miami International Airport Cargo Center at Building 711 in full synchronization with our Headquarters Operations Center...

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Highly Qualified Professionals

Our team of professionals has outstanding expertise, commitment and passion. They have an unparalleled track-record in helping thousands of customers achieve...

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Air Cargo Center

21 AIR is pleased to make available an extraordinary and strategically located cargo facility, should you require a turn-key air cargo solution at Miami International Airport....

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Our Customers

Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business. We believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company.