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21 AIR has currently a fleet of two (2) B767-200 Extended Range Special Freighter aircraft. This cost-efficient medium wide-body freighter is the best in its class, capable of carrying 42 tons of payload, including extended range capability, a larger main cargo door to accommodate oversize freight, with all palletized lower deck configuration to improve space utilization, and powered by reliable General Electric CF6-80C2B2 engines, allowing the best performance even on high altitude airports, with an average fuel burn consumption of 1,425 gallons/hour at maximum payload.

  • The airline has plans to add more B767 freighter aircraft to the fleet and introduce another wide body freighter aircraft type with higher payload and longer range in the coming year with the objective to satisfy current requirements for some of our clients. 21 AIR’s short term fleet planning consists of reaching six (6) freighter aircraft by the end of 2017.


    21 AIR’s FAA Approved Maintenance Program has been prepared in accordance with Boeing 767 Maintenance Program (MPD). Our Heavy and Engineering Maintenance on our aircraft is provided by some of the most recognized B767 Part 145 FAA Repair Stations.

    For our Line Maintenance, we count with a highly qualified and experienced B767 mechanics’ team committed to maintain our fleet on the air, while fully complying with our maintenance program, always prioritizing safety, with a preventive attitude at all times.