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We count with an 24/7 Operations Center at Miami International Airport Cargo Center at Building 706 in full synchronization with our GSO Headquarters Operations Center, in order to support ACMI services currently being provided to our customers on such location.

Our team of professionals has outstanding expertise, commitment and passion. They have an unparalleled track-record in helping thousands of customers achieve at the top of their game. We offer the industry’s most dynamic and innovative solutions for every aspect of air cargo operations, including on-time performance and strategic planning.

Air cargo operations can be very complex. Precision delivery and safety rely on how well air cargo professionals are trained. Taught by industry experts, our team focus on industry best practices and change management to help you adapt to the increasingly complex air transport environment.

21 AIR is pleased to make available an extraordinary and strategically located cargo facility, should you require a turn-key air cargo solution at Miami International Airport. Our location at Building 706 includes 60,000 sq ft for Dry Cargo, 60,000 sq ft of High Tech Cooler Space, with 19 Loading Docks and 30 Trucking Parking spots, under a robust survelliance security system.

This location allows ramp parking for 5 aircrafts allowing great convenience while maintaining cold chain protocols, which are strictly required to preserve perishables freight properly, which are the largest air freight commodity at MIA.